Silver Charm Bracelets - The Hidden Meaning in the Charms!

Published: 26th February 2011
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Silver charm bracelets are one of the most popular jewellery items at the moment, but they have been around for a very long time!

Now once again back in fashion, the silver charm bracelet has become the must-have accessory of the year!

Many items of jewellery are simply worn as fashion accessories, bought because they look attractive and appealing. However, many examples of jewellery are worn because they are symbolic and contain meaningful symbols for the wearer. For example, a person who wears a wedding ring or a crucifix is expressing their married status or their membership of a religious group. The charm bracelet is an example of an item of silver jewellery which has symbolism and added meaning to the wearer. The charm bracelet is a beautiful item of jewellery, with a hidden message in the charms.

The charms themselves are decorative and beautiful, but they can also signify important events in the wearer's life. For example, a charm may be bought to celebrate the wearer turning 21, an engagement, getting married or the birth of a baby. In ancient times, charms were often worn as lucky amulets, to ward off evil spirits, or to protect the wearer from harm. Later, the charms would show your family origins, your religion or membership of a group. They could also be a method of storing and transporting wealth, and therefore became a status symbol - the more charms, the greater the wealth! Queen Victoria is known to have worn charm bracelets, making them a popular fashion accessory at the time. And with the style resurgence the silver charm bracelet is experiencing at the moment, the silver jewellery is once again at the forefront of the fashion world. Many girls and women are once again collecting the silver charms as a way of remembering important dates or events in their lives, or as a constant reminder of loved-ones.

A silver charm bracelet is a wonderfully personal and meaningful gift. The wearer can buy charms which record important events in their life, and the bracelet and their choice of charm can reflect their personality. Because of this, no two bracelets will be the same, offering a unique bracelet for every wearer. Once the charm bracelet has been bought, the charms make perfect birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day gifts.
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